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Poster Info

Posters should be able to fit within a 40" x 40" space. ...

Posters should be able to fit within a 40" x 40" space.

Poster numbers can be found in the chart below and are mostly sorted alphabetically by last name.

Odd-numbered posters will present in Poster Session A on Monday, June 4.

Even-numbered posters will present in Poster Session B on Wednesday, June 6.

An asterisk (*) next to the poster number denotes the poster will be presented as a 90-second "rapid-fire" talk before its respective general poster session.

Poster # Poster Title Presenter Last Name Presenter First Name Presenter Affiliation
1 Mutually Orthogonal DNA Replication Systems In Vivo Arzumanyan Garri University of California Irvine
2* Creating Living Bioelectronic Sensors Using Ferredoxin-Dependent Electron Transport Chains Atkinson Joshua T. Rice University
3 High-Throughput Microliter-Sized Cell-Free Transcription-Translation Reactions for Synthetic Biology Applicationsusing the Echo® 550 Liquid Handler Bailey Jared Labcyte Inc
4 Miniaturization of a Five-Piece Plasmid Assembly By Utilizing the Nebuilder Hifi DNA Assembly Cloning Kit and the Labcyte Echo 525 Liquid Handler Bailey Jared Labcyte Inc
5* Model-Driven Iterative Optimisation of Cell-Free Transcription/Translation Reactions for Rapid Protein Synthesis Banks Alice M. Newcastle University
6 Opening Chromatin and Improving CRISPR/Cas9 Editing with Engineered Pioneer Factors Barrett Cassandra Arizona State University
7 Tuneable Genetic Devices Bartoli Vittorio Univerity of Bristol, University of Bristol
8 Electronic Control of Redox Processes inside Living Cells Using Synthetic Biology Baruch Moshe Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
9 Direct Combinatorial Pathway Optimization Bauwens David Ghent University
10 Developing a Synthetic Biology Toolbox for Engineering the Fast-Growing Marine Bacterium Vibrio Natriegens Shukla Vrinda Naval Research Laboratory
11 Overcome Metabolic Burden in Rational Design of Genetic Synthetic Circuits: Deep Characterization of a Crispri Alternative Bellato Massimo University of Pavia
12* Emerging Genetic Toolkits in Marine Diatoms Bielinski Vincent J. Craig Venter Institute
13 Design of Modular Switches for Allosteric Control over Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphatases Bienick Matthew University of Arizona
14 Structural Components for Amplification of Positive and Negative Strand RNA Veev Splitzicons Blakney Anna Imperial College London
15 Cell-Free Prediction of Protein Expression Costs for Growing Cells Borkowski Olivier ISSB/INRA
16 Predicting Coupled Expression Dynamics in Bacterial Operons Tang Xun Penn State University
17* Engineered Cells for Controlled Material Assembly Charrier Marimikel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
18* Cell-Free Synthetic Biology for Accelerated Natural Product Discovery and Protein Engineering Chiao Abel Synvitrobio, Inc.
19 Engineering Probiotics to Increase Production of Signaling Peptides in the Gut Microbiome Choudhary Ruhi University of Toronto
20 High-Throughput Genome Engineering for Industrial Strain Optimization Coates Cameron Zymergen Inc.
21 Synbac - an Optimised Synthetic Baculoviral Genome Crocker Hannah University of Bristol
22 Novel Microbial Host Parameters to Describe Strain Robustness and Reduce the Gap between Laboratory and Industrial Conditions for Baker's Yeast De Mol Maarten Ghent University
23 Ongoing Efforts Towards the Production of 3-Hydroxy Proprionic Acid (3HP) in Aspergillus Pseudoterreus De Paoli Henrique C. U.S. DOE Agile BioFoundry
24* A Robotic Platform for Massively Parallel Directed Evolution DeBenedictis Erika Massachusetts Institute of Technology
25 Engineering Bacteriolysins for Targeted Microbiome Manipulation Diaz Rodriguez Juan University of Wisconsin - Madison
26 A Platform for Rapidly Evolving Tryptophan Halogenases d'Oelsnitz Simon University of Texas at Austin
27* Drug-Inducible Gene Expression Control Using the Hepatitis C NS3/4A Cis-Protease Dotson Hannah Boston University
28 Protein-Based Microcapsules As Alternative Way for Ruggedization of Functional RNA-Based Sensors Drachuk Irina Air Force Research Laboratory, UES Inc.
29 Development of a Plasmid Toolbox for Expression of Long Biosynthetic Pathways in Lactococcus Lactis Dudnik Alexey Technical University of Denmark
30 Development of Diatoms As an Alternative Bioproduction Platform Dupont Christopher L. J. Craig Venter Institute
31 Miniaturization and Optimization of a Two-Plasmid Expression Pathway in MyTXTL® Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit (Arbor Biosciences) Using Labcyte® Echo® Acoustic Technology Eggenstein Evelyn Arbor Biosciences, Labcyte
32 Intracellular Spectral Recompositioning of Light Enhances Algal Photosynthesis and Light-Stress Resistance through Encapsulating Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein in Silica Nanoparticles Fu Weiqi New York University Abu Dhabi
33 Engineered Bacteria to Assess and Augment Human Performance: Expanding Sensing Capabilities Ehrenworth Amy M. UES, Inc., Air Force Research Laboratory
34* Universal Loop Assembly (uLoop), a Simple, Recursive, Open Source and Species-Agnostic Method for DNA Fabrication Pollak Bernardo Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, J. Craig Venter Institute
35 Organism Making and Modding Fero Michael TeselaGen Biotechnology, Inc.
36 Expanding Lambda-Red Recombineering into New Organisms Filsinger Gabriel Harvard University
37 Integrated Biocad Toolchain Enables Search for Experimentally Validated Components Forrer Mark Sandia National Lab
38 Characterizing Steady Molecular Transport between a Microchannel Pair Separated By a Porous Membrane Frost Tim University of Arizona
39 Increase in the Synthetic Pathways for RNA, Trptophan, Fatty Acids, and Isoprenoids in Thio-Phosphate Treated Ecoli Frayne Elizabeth University of Phoenix, Frayne Consultants
40 The Persistence of Microbial Memory: An Exploration of the Potential of Bacteria As an Information Storage Medium Funk Vanessa US ARMY ECBC
41 Gel Encapsulation of Mel28 Cells Using DEX/E3 Water-Water System Gallegos Mariah University of New Mexico
42 Txtl and the Minimal Cell: Mechanosensitivity and DNA Encapsulation Garamella Jonathan University of Minnesota
43* Computationally-Guided Discovery and Experimental Validation of Indole-3-Acetic Acid Synthesis Pathways Garcia David C. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee
44 Any Organism, Any Trait: Microbial Improvement By Harnessing the Vastness of the Evolutionary Genetic Space German Sabrina Primordial Genetics Inc.
45* Growing Programmable Functional Biomaterials with Engineered Kombucha-Inspired Co-Cultures Gilbert Charlie Imperial College London
46 An Expanded Plasmid-Based Genetic Toolbox Enables Cas9 Genome Editing and Stable Maintenance of Synthetic Pathways in Phaeodactylum Tricornutum Slattery Samuel S. Western University
47 Piace: Parallel Integration and Chromosomal Expansion of Biofuels Pathways in E. coli Goyal Garima Joint BioEnergy Institute
48 Automated Design of Recombinase-Based Logic Guiziou Sarah Centre de Biochimie Structurale
49* A Microfluidic Platform to Interrogate the Effects of Spatiotemporal Parameters on Microbial Consortia Gupta Sonali University of Wisconsin-Madison
50* Investigating Microbial Interactions and Stochastic Community Assembly Using Droplet Microfluidics Hsu Ryan H. University of Wisconsin-Madison
51 Single Day Construction of Multi-Gene Circuits with 3G Assembly Halleran Andrew California Institute of Technology
52* Elucidation the Mechanism of Synthetic Riboswitches By Using Cell-Free Expression Systems Harbaugh Svetlana Air Force Research Laboratory
53* Quantitative Characterization of All Single Amino Acid Variants of a Viral Capsid-Based Drug Delivery Vehicle Ikwuagwu Bon Northwestern University
54 Application of Toehold Riboswitches in Cell Free Environments for in Vitro diagnostic (IVD) Devices Hewlett Mark University of Exeter
55 Characterization of Bacillus Sp. 275 Exhibiting Lignocellulolytic Activities Gong Gyeongtaek Korea Institute of Science and Technology
56 Engineering the Regulation of Bacterial Translational Resources Hidalgo David Centro de Ciencias Genómicas, UNAM
57 Droplet-Based Selection to Tailor the Activity of Industrial Enzymes Hirano Kathleen Novozymes Inc.
58 Tuning the Dynamic Range of Bacterial Promoters Regulated By Ligand-Inducible Transcription Factors Ho Joanne Rice University
59* Bacterial Biofilm-Mediated Synthesis of a Responsive Environmentally-Robust Biopolymer Hung Chia-Suei US Air Force Research Laboratory, UES, Inc.
60* Design of a DNA Based Repression System for Promoters in CHO Hussein Mohamed K. AUSTRIAN CENTRE OF INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY (acib), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
61 Circulating Tumor Cell Detection Via High-Throughput Single-Cell RNA Profiling Hyman Leland B. University of Wisconsin - Madison
62* Small Molecule Activated gRNAs Enable High-Throughput and Multiplex Genome Editing in E. coli Iwasaki Roman S. CU Boulder
63 Developing a Bioinspired Hybrid Living Material Using Engineered Caulobacter crescentus Jani Sneha Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
64 Massively-Parallel Measurement of Protein-Protein Interactions Baryshev  Alexandr University Of Washington
65 Improved System to Investigate Genetically-Encoded Protein Acetylation Johnson Gavin S. Texas A&M
66 Genome Editing Mediated Plant Cell Wall Modification to Improve Forage Digestibility and Biofuel Productivity Jung Je Hyeong Korea Institute of Science and Technology
67 Using DIVA, Deviceeditor, and j5 for DNA Construction Kaplan Nurgul Joint BioEnergy Institute, U.S. DOE Agile BioFoundry
68 Improving Curli Production in E. coli for Material Applications Kan Anton Harvard University
69 Construction of Broad Host Range T7 RNA Polymerase Expression Platform Kar Shaunak University of Texas at Austin
70 Massively Parallel Synthesis of shRNA Library and Its Functional Screening Identify Metabolic Pathway Target Genes for Cancer Therapy Katoh Hiroto Tokyo Medical and Dental University
71 Direct Comparison of Recombinant Protein Production between Vibrio Natriegens and Escherichia coli  Kelly Erin Naval Research Laboratory
72 Prediction of Bacterial Promoters Using Machine Learning Kim Seongwon US Naval Research Laboratory
73 In-Frame Fusion of Multiple Transcription Factors to Create Single-Layered Logic Functions Kimura Yuki Chiba University
74 An Automated Microfluidic Platform with Multiplexed on-Chip Electroporation for Gene Editing Processes Iwai Kosuke Joint BioEnergy Institute, Sandia National Laboratories
75 Temperature Regulation As a Tool to Control Synthetic Microbial Community Composition Krieger Adam University of Michigan
76 A Translational Controller for Robustly Maintaining Protein Production Yields Under Culture Conditions Perturbations Kylilis Nicolas Imperial College London
77 Efficient Plasmid Validation By Multiplexing and Miniaturizing Illumina Nextera XT with the Labcyte Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler Lai Jefferson Labcyte Inc
78 Localization of Ancient Rubisco in Cyanobacteria Lam Wing Pearl University of Arizona
79 Optimizing Escherichia coli Proteome for an Improved Integration of Synthetic Circuits Lastiri Pancardo Gustavo Centro de Ciencias Genómicas, UNAM
80* Multilevel Strain Improvement By Combining Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering for Affordable Bio-Production Ledesma Rodrigo Imperial College London
81 Expanding the Chemical Substrates in Genetic Code Reprogramming Lee Joongoo Northwestern University
82 Elevating Cfps to the Z-Dimension: The Function of Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Reactions in Hydrogel Matrices Lee Marilyn F. S. US Army ECBC
83 Engineering Xylose Isomerase-Based Pathway in Yarrowia Lipolytica for Efficient Conversion of Xylose to Lipids Lee Sun-Mi Korea Institute of Science and Technology
84 Improved Expression of Host-Toxic Antimicrobial Peptides in Escherichia coli Using an Encapsulin Nanocompartment System Lee Tek-Hyung Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
85 Reconstitution of Artificial Nuclear Membrane Using Mammalian Cell-Fee Expression Liu Allen P. University of Michigan
86 Synthetic Repressors to Re-Route Pyruvate Flux in Zymomonas Mobilis Liu Yang University of Wisconsin, Madison
87 Prediction of Golden Gate Assembly Using a Comprehensive Analysis of T4 DNA Ligase End-Joining Fidelity and Bias Lohman Gregory J. S. New England BioLabs, Inc.
88 Engineering the Ultrasensitive Transcription Factors By Using a Modular Oligomerization Domain Lou Chunbo Chinese Academy of Science
89* Reporter Genes for Non-Invasive Imaging of Cellular Function with Acoustically Modulated MRI Lu George J. California Institute of Technology
90 Engineering and Understanding Bacterial Tolerance to Heterologous Aromatic Biochemicals through Transporter Library Screening and Transcriptome Analysis Machas Michael Arizona State University
91* Precise, Automated Control of Conditions for High-Throughput Growth of Yeast and Bacteria with Evolver Mancuso Christopher P. Boston University
92 Sensing Intracellular Metabolites with RNA Nanostructures Manuguerra Ilenia Aarhus University
93 Enzymatic Fluorination In Vivo with E.coli BL21(DE3) Markakis Konstantinos University of Edinburgh
94 Metrics for Quantifying Resource Competition in Synthetic Circuits McBride Cameron Massachusetts Institute of Technology
95* Development of a Fast-Responding, Minimal-Equipment Biosensor for Zinc Deficiency McNerney Monica Georgia Institute of Technology
96 Subspot: Streamlining Sequence Submission for DNA Synthesis Meng John DOE Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
97* Nanoscale Surface Patterning of Multiple Proteins Using Photoactivation Metcalf Kevin Northwestern University
98 Structure-Dependent Enzyme Activity in Megamolecular Scaffolds Metcalf Kevin Northwestern University
99 Development of a Genetic Sensor That Eliminates p53 Deficient Cells Mircetic Jovan Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, Technical University Dresden
100 Collaboration with the Experiment Data Depot Morrell William Sandia National Laboratory
101 Calcite Production for Building Biohybrid Living Structural Material from the Cyanobacterium, Synechococcus Sp. PCC 7002 Nagarajan Aparna University of Colorado Boulder
102* Orthorep Reveals Drift Potentiates Novel Adaptation Pathways in Protein Evolution Zhong Ziwei UC Irvine
103 Designing Functional Structured RNA Sequences with a New Software Najeh Sabrine Armand Frappier Institute
104 Development of a Modular Cloning Synthetic RNA Toolkit for E. coli Nguyen Michael T. Aarhus University - iNANO
105 Technology Mapping for Asynchronous Genetic Circuits Nguyen Tramy University of Utah
106 Communication and Quorum Sensing in Artificial Eukaryotic Cells Niederholtmeyer Henrike University of California, San Diego
107 Operon Refactoring and Construction Assistant (ORCA): An Integrated Workflow for Refactoring Gene Clusters Oberortner Ernst Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
108 Large Scale Synthetic Site Saturation GPCR Libraries Reveal Novel Mutations That Alter Glucose Signalling Öling David Astrazeneca
109 In Vivo Engineering of Type I Ipkses - Developing a Platform for Easy Domain Shuffling Olsen Kresten Jon Kromphardt Technical University of Denmark
110 Engineered Probiotic for the Inhibition of Salmonella Via Tetrathionate-Induced Production of Microcin H47 Palmer Jacob University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
111 Long-Term Reliable Implementation of Multi-in/Output Genetic Circuits on Multiple Insulated Genome Landing Pads in E. coli Park Yongjin Massachusetts Institute of Technology
112 Long-Distance Communication in Synthetic Bacterial Consortia through Active Signal Propagation Parkin James Caltech
113 In-Silico and in-Vivo Metabolic Engineering Strategies to Optimize Waste Bioconversion Pathways in Microbial Strains: Two Case Studies on Ethanol and Poly-Gamma-Glutamic Acid Biosynthesis Pasotti Lorenzo University of Pavia
114 Engineering a Calcium-Responsive Molecular Recorder from E. coli DNA Polymerase I Castinado Alec Northwestern University
115* Automated "Building" Using Rapid-Prototype Digital Microfluidics Perry James M. Concordia University
116 Synthetic Circuits to Explore Parameter Space of Network Motifs in Plant Development Pierre-Jerome Edith Duke University
117 Web of Registries Plahar Hector Fuels Synthesis and Technology Divisions, Joint BioEnergy Institute
118 Data-Driven Modeling and Design of Biosynthetic Pathways Politz Mark C. University of Wisconsin-Madison
119 Expression of RNA Origamis for Metabolic Engineering Applications in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Pothoulakis Georgios Aarhus University - iNANO
120 A Model for Resource Competition in Crispri Circuits Qian Yili MIT
121 Model Guided Design of Robust and Fast Acting Transcriptional Switches Raj Kaushik University of Toronto
122 Phage Engineering to Target Pathogenic Bacteria Rajaure Manoj NIH
123 Designing Synthetic Bacteria Using CRISPR/CAS9 with Quorum Sensing Network Communications for Cancerous Tumor Detection Ramji Keshav Arlington High School
124 An Orthogonal DNA Replication System for Continuous Evolution of Genes in Yeast Ravikumar Arjun UC Irvine
125* New-to-Nature Reactions Catalyzed By Artificial Metalloenzymes Rebelein Johannes G. University of Basel
126 Tarsyn -a Synbio Approach for Selection of Highly Expressed Gene Variants in Bacteria Rennig Maja Technical University of Denmark
127 High-Throughput Strain Engineering Tools for Natural Product Manufacturing Reynolds Erin Amyris
128* How to Navigate Massive Genetic Design Spaces for Combinatorial Assembly Roehner Nicholas Raytheon BBN Technologies
129* Predicting Single Cell Survival in the Presence of Antibiotics Rossi Nicholas Boston Univeristy
130* Coupling of Human Rhodopsin to Yeast Signaling Enables High-Throughput Characterization of Pathogenic Variants Scott Benjamin University of Toronto
131* Reconstruction of Yeast Signalling Pathways for Tuneable Extracellular Biosensing Shaw William Imperial College London
132 Chemical Event History Recordings in DNA Using a Serine Integrase-Based Synthetic Circuit in E. coli Shur Andrey California Institute of Technology
133 Assembly of the Biosynthetic Pathway of Pyocyanin in E. coli Silva Adilson J. Federal University of Sao Carlos, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
134 Bliss: The Black List Sequence Screening Pipeline Simirenko Lisa DOE Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
135 The Metabolic Engineering of K. Rhaeticus to Control the Production of Bacterial Cellulose Singh Amritpal Imperial College London
136 A Design of Experiments Approach to the Development of a Defined Media for Robust Growth of an Industrially Important Microbe Singleton Chloe University of Exeter
137 Developing Stable Broad Host-Range Shuttle Vectors for Lactobacillus Engineering Spangler Joseph R. National Research Council
138 CRISPR-RNA Guided Recombinase-Cas9 Fusion Improves Genome Engineering Specificity Standage-Beier Kylie Arizona State University
139* Design and Characterization of RNA Nanotubes Stewart Jaimie Marie University of California, Riverside
140* Designing and Optimizing Electron Flux in E. coli for Fast Biosensing Su Lin Southeast University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
141 TBD      
142 Evaluating Candidate Bacterial Reference Strains Tack Drew S. National Institute of Standards and Technology
143* Predictive Modeling of gRNA Sequence-Activity Relationship for Engineering Tunable, Multiplex Gene Repression Based on Type I-E Crispri Tarasava Katia University of Colorado Boulder
144 Generation of Disease Relevant Isogenic Stem Cell Lines Using Cas9 Base Editors Tekel Stefan J. Arizona State University
145 Computational Re-Design of Synthetic Genetic Oscillators for Independent Amplitude and Frequency Modulation Tomazou Marios Imperial College London
146 Natural Product Production in Vibrio Natriegens Tschirhart Tanya Naval Research Laboratory
147* Gene Expression Control Using Hepatitis C NS3/4A Cis-Protease in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Systems Tunney Shannon Boston University
148* A Sigma Factor Toolbox for Orthogonal Gene Expression in Escherichia coli Van Brempt Maarten Ghent University
149 CRISPR/Cpf1 Enables Fast and Simple Genome Editing of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Verwaal René DSM Biotechnology Center
150 Non-Canonical Translation Initiation Devices for Engineering Biology Vigar Justin University of Lethbridge
151* Systematic Optimization of Cell-Free Transcription Factor-Based Biosensors Voyvodic Peter Centre de Biochimie Structurale
152* A Droplet Microfluidic System for the Discovery of Small Protein Antimicrobials Wagner Ellen K. Achaogen
153 Engineering the Bacterial Cellulose Producing Bacterium K. Rhaeticus Igem Walker Kenneth Imperial College London
154 Scalable and Flexible High-Throughput Strain Construction in an Organism Foundry Neuschaefer Zachary Ginkgo Bioworks
155 Three-Dimensional Tissue Culture Models: Next Generation Predictive Preclinical Platforms for Human Health and Disease Yang Jiseon Center for Immunotherapy, Vaccines, and Virotherapy, Biodesign Institute, ASU
156 Rapid Detection and Analysis Tools for Synthetic Genomes in Complex Backgrounds Wolfe Joshua The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
157 Optimization of Clpxp Activity and Protein Synthesis in an E. coli Extract-Based Cell-Free Expression System Wu Ti UC San Diego
158 Alternative Source of NADPH and Understanding of Lipogenesis in Yarrowia Lipolytica Xu Peng University of Maryland, Baltimore County
159 Engineering Oleaginous Yeast Yarrowia Lipolytica for Production of Malonyl-CoA and HMG-CoA-Derived Natural Products Xu Peng University of Maryland, Baltimore County
160 Synthetic Gene Expression Cassette to Decouple Transcription and Translation Processes in Bacteria Yang Jina Seoul National University
161 Tuning Vector Stability and Integration Frequency Elevates Functional GPCR Production and Homogeneity in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yoo Justin University of California, Santa Barbara
162 Design of Adjacent Transcriptional Regions to Tune Gene Expression and Facilitate Circuit Construction Zhang Qi Arizona State University
163 A Modeling Approach to the Design of Genetic Networks Driving Spatial Patterning Benezra Lauren University of California, Santa Cruz
164 Internet-Enabled Robots Controlled By Engineered Living Cells Ruder Warren University of Pittsburgh
165 Expanding the Toolbox for T7-Driven Protein Expression Lux Matthew US ARMY ECBC
166 Engineering a Cellular-Electronic Communication Interface with Synthetic Biology Ruder Warren University of Pittsburgh
167 Paper-Based Detection with Synthetic Gene Circuits Mgboji Glory ORISE
168 Tri-Service Cell-Free Protein Expression Comparison Study Cole Stephanie Excet, Inc.
169 Differing Anchoring Strategies Affect Enzyme Packaging into Bacterial Outer Membrane Vesicles Scott N. Dean Naval Research Laboratory
170 Rapid Assembly of Multi-Gene Pathways and Combinatorial Libraries to Facilitate Bio-Engineering William Tan GenScript USA Inc.
171 Extracting Information in Cell-Free Systems Leveraging Competition for Shared Resources Andras Gyorgy New York University Abu Dhabi
172 Encoding Cell-Free Synthetic Circuits on Microparticle Material Scaffolds Warren Ruder University of Pittsburgh
173 Bile Acid Controlled Genetic Circuit Design in the Human Gut Symbiont Bacteroides Thetaiotaomicron Taketani Mao Massachusetts Institute of Technology
174 Trade-Off between Quick Repair and Complete Resolution Complicates Recovery from Kidney Injury Tian Xiaojun Arizona State University
175 Convergent Mutations Occurring during Experimental Evolution Reveal an Effective Solution to Release Catabolite Repression in E. coli and a Novel Quasi-Heterozygous Advantage Wang Xuan Arizona State University
176 Characterization of Genetic Circuits Using Big Data Espah Borujeni  Amin Massachusetts Institute of Technology
177 Development of Sinorhizobium Meliloti As a Host for Cloning, Storage and Delivery of DNA to Bacterial and Eukaryotic Microorganisms Brumwell Stephanie Western University
178 Stochastic Boolean Model Reconstruction of Drosophila Melanogaster Gap Gene Regulatory Network Chen Jianhong UC Santa Cruz
179 Sink-Based Feedback Loop Architectures for Two Component Signalling Systems Delalez Nicolas J. University of Oxford
180 Bistability and Feedback in Simple Metabolic Circuits Hayes Clarmyra University of Warwick
181 De-Novo-Designed Ultraspecific Riboregulators for Gene Regulation and in Vitro Diagnostics Hong Fan Biodesign Institute
182* Towards a Third Universal Redox Cofactor in Living Cells Li Han University of California, Irvine
183 Mitigating Biological Signalling Cross-Talk with Feedback Control Sootla Aivar University of Oxford
184 Shaping Systems' Behavior Using Exogenous Temporal Pulses Sootla Aivar University of Oxford
185 Advancements in Gene Expression Control in Cyanobacteria Jones Christopher Arizona State University
186* De Novo Natural Product Design Enabled By Deep Enzyme Mining and Empirical Characterization Warden-Rothman Robert Massachusetts Institute of Technology