Software for Synthetic Biology Workflows Workshop | AIChE


1:45PM - 1:55PM Introduction:  Nicholas Roehner, Raytheon BBN Technologies
1:55PM - 2:10PM JBEI ICE/DIVA, EDD, and ART: Hector Plahar, Mark Forrer, and Nathan J. Hillson, Joint BioEnergy Institute
2:10PM - 2:25PM BOOST, BLiSS, and SynTrack: Lisa Simirenko, Joint Genome Institute
2:25PM - 2:40PM SynBioHub, iBioSim, and SBOL Designer, Nicholas Roehner, Raytheon BBN Technologies
2:40PM - 3:45PM Hands On Session

More Information

This workshop is a tutorial session intended to introduce participants to recent software tools and how they can be used to address common challenges in synthetic biology. The first half of the workshop will introduce a number of recent software tools and key underlying technologies, then show how these can be combined and incorporated into effective organism engineering workflows. In the second half, participants will work hands-on with the tools in groups, with the instructors assisting them in applying tools hands-on to address prototypical example problems and/or challenges from their own work. For the second half, participants are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop with network access.