SEED 2014 Industry Sessions

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
8:00-10:00 PM
Session 1: Computer Aided Design
Manhattan Beach Ballroom Salon A
8:00-8:15 PMApplications of Synthetic Genomics Technology- Benjamin Griffin, SGI
8:15-8:30 PMGenetic Design Automation Using SBOL- Chris Myers, Utah
8:30-8:45 PMHigh Precision Modeling and Design of Genetic Regulatory Networks- Jake 
Beal, BBN
8:45-9:00 PMGenome Compiler: CAD for Synthetic Biology- Omri Drory, Genome Compiler
9:00-9:15 PMAccelerating Synthetic Biology- Rob McIntyre, Teselagen
9:15-9:30 PMZymergen: Our Philosophy and Approach- Zach Serber, Zymergen
Session 2: DNA Synthesis and Applications
Manhattan Beach Ballroom Salon B
8:00-8:15 PMSustainable Production of Industrial Chemicals Using Microbial Biocatalysts: 
1,4-Butanediol- Stephanie Culler, Genomatica
8:15-8:30 PMRapid Evaluation of Itaconic Acid Production Strategies in Saccharomyces
Cerevisiae- Liang Wu, DSM
8:30-8:45 PMDevelopments in DNA Synthesis- Axel Trefzer, Geneart
8:45-9:00 PMHow to Write DNA for the Same Cost as Reading It- Austen Heinz, 
Cambrian Genomics
9:00-9:15 PMLeveraging Gene Synthesis for Efficient Engineering of Biological 
Systems- Kedar Patel, DNA2.0
9:15-9:30 PMA Case Study: Exploring Protein Variability with gBlocks Gene Fragment 
Libraries- Adam Clore, IDT
9:30-9:45 PMScreening Advantages of Rationally Designed Variant Libraries- Ali Saaem,
9:45-10:00 PMEfficient Synthesis of Long and Modified RNA Oligonucleotides- Joel 
Myerson, Agilent